1. Legalization

Legalize all people without status quickly, with low fees
People will receive permanent residence status
Newly legalized people are entitled to public benefits
Anyone in the country for five years can apply for legal status

2. Family Reunification

Raise the number of family visas available, and issue all unused visas
Process all applications for family preference visas
All immigration rights will be equally available to same sex permanent partners

3. Repeal Employer Sanctions and Enforce Labor and Cultural Rights

Immediately repeal employer sanctions, and dismantle the E-Verify database
Enforce worker protection laws, for all workers
Make threats from employers using immigration status a crime
Job creation and job training programs for all unemployed workers
A Social Security number for everyone, regardless of immigration status
Protect the cultural and language rights of indigenous migrants

4. Guest Workers and Future Flows

All existing guest worker programs (H1-B, H2-A, H2-B) will end after five years.
Reform existing guest worker programs during those five years, force employers to hire domestic workers first
Guest workers are free to organize and join unions, and can sue over violations
Make green cards available during times of low unemployment for migrants who don’t qualify for family preference visas
5. Trade Policy and Displacement

Hold hearings about the effects of NAFTA and CAFTA, and collect evidence about the way those agreements displace people.
Existing agreements will be renegotiated to eliminate causes of displacement.
No new trade agreements that displace people or lower living standards.
Prohibit U.S. military intervention or aid to support trade agreements, structural adjustment policies or market economic reforms
6. Due Process and Detention

Repeal federal laws barring drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants
Prohibit local law enforcement agencies from enforcing immigration law, repeal 287g
End roadblocks, immigration raids and sweeps
Close existing detention centers and prohibit future government or private detention centers
Families with children may not be separated by detention or deportation.
7. Repeal Border Militarization and Enforce Human Rights

Dismantle the wall and the “virtual wall” along the border
Remove National Guard troops from the border
End the privatization of border control and security operations on the border
End criminal charges to prosecute immigrants based on their immigration status
Prosecute private vigilante groups for violations of the rights of migrants
Reduce the budget for border enforcement and detention, and redirect the funds to social services, healthcare, education, family reunification, processing visa backlogs and enforcing civil rights.

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