Conference 2010: Comment-arios

Gail Perez
Professor University of San Diego

Thanks for the wonderful conference!!! wish i could have attended it all!!!!
Great work by students, staff and community.


Maura I. Toro-Morn

Dear Enrique-Many, many thanks for the opportunity to share my work with the diverse audience of the Binational Border conference AND Congratulations on such a successful conference.

I was very impressed by the morning panels. It was really a pleasure to meet David Bacon and your colleagues.

Our paper session went so well. Papers complemented each other very nicely. I will be sending you our paper in the next few weeks to be considered for publication.

I look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you again some time soon.

Saludos, Maura
Maura I. Toro-Morn, Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology
Illinois State University


Sharon Allen
Palomar College Instructor


great event yesterday. impressive list of presenters! thank you for including me. all the best, sharon


Maria Bolivar

Congratulations on an excellent conference and organization. I was honored to participate and praise the great work accomplished in gathering us at such a valuable topic of importance and impact to our region.

I had as audience to my presentation the most diverse and participative group of students and professors. I also noticed how you rallied community and institutions with such great sense of leadership. The caliber of your keynote speakers was excellent and they were both generous to participate at the panels. It was an honor for me to count in my audience Professor Victor Clark-Alfaro, what a treat!

I was greeted in the friendliest way by one student who took pride in her role and shared her passion and gratitude to the college. I was sincerely inspired and can only hope this is the first of many conferences around the topic. Another star to your college to be able to see how involved and participative your students are. I will send you shortly the pictures requested in digital form.

Thank you.

Maria Bolivar
Maria Bolivar, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Spanish
7250 Mesa College Drive, Off. No. G234
Department of Languages
San Diego Mesa College
San Diego, 92111-4998
phone: (619) 388-5858


Maria Teresa Fernandez

Elva y Enrique:

Les agradezco mucho la oportunidad que me dieron de mostrar mis imagenes durante la Conferencia.

Felicidades por la Conferencia, fue todo un exito.

Ya saben que cuentan con mi trabajo, me siento honrada de haber sido parte del trabajo de ustedes.

Mil Gracias nuevamente

Un abrazo


Janie Hanesana
City College student

Profe Salinas,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience and be more aware of
the issues that are going on within the perimeters of our state as a matter
of fact our country. The personal stories from victims and the determined
organization that have contributed to this conference makes me feel that a
difference can be made if everyone has the knowledge. Indeed, this is true
knowledge is the key! I even had time to talk to Felipe (who did not speak
English so I had to concentrate really hard on remembering my Spanish) who
was detained and fought for his residential card to support his handicapped
daughter and I spoke to a gentleman by the name of Manuel who is Dominican
and came from Massachusetts. He was very interesting and very well educated
and he just has his green card. This conference opened my eyes in many ways
and I hope to share it with the class tomorrow.
Janie Hanesana

"An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an
idea that only exists only as an idea"-Buddha

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