Announcement and Call for Papers

4rd Binational Conference on Border Issues
Tijuana and San Diego

December 2013
9 am- 4 pm

December 5: San Diego City College
December 6: Instituto Municipal de Arte y Cultura (IMAC)

Labor and Migration
from a Transborder Perspective

There are significant developments taking place regarding immigration and labor policy in the United States and Mexico that have implications from a transborder perspective. On both sides of the border, there is a growing emphasis on changing or reforming immigration policy. In the U.S., there is a growing debate about the consequences of unemployment and the outsourcing of jobs. At the same time, there has been a radical transformation of labor policy in Mexico creating uncertainty for future generations of Mexican workers. How will these changes affect the present and future of labor and migration in the border region and beyond?

This announcement is also a call for papers from current researchers, activists, faculty, and students on both sides of the international border. Paper presentations will be 20 minutes in length (including presentation and Q and A) and will address one or more of the following topics:

  • Alternative regionalism and struggle for community
  • Archeology and cultural resources
  • Art, music, literature
  • Border studies curriculum
  • Central American migrants
  • Conflict Resolution/mediation along the border
  • Deportation and life after deportation
  • Drugs
  • Education
  • Environment—toxic waste
  • Health, housing, human development
  • Human Rights
  • Human Trafficking
  • Immigration/migration/emigration
  • Indigenous peoples
  • Maquiladoras
  • NAFTA, CAFTA, TPP and free trade agreements
  • Politics and elections: impact on the border
  • Racism, sexism, homophobia
  • U.S. migration to Mexico
  • The wall
  • Urban development

If interested, please submit through e-mail a 250 word (maximum) abstract by Oct 1, 2013. Confirmation of accepted papers: Oct 31. Selected works will be published in the

Journal of Transborder Studies
Research and Practice
Border Art Exhibition
Submitted artwork will be exhibited at the conference
If interested, please contact us.

Contact and additional information:

Participants in the Conference Organizing Committee from Baja California Chapter of the International Council on Monuments and Sites, Colectivo Ollin Calli, Colegio de la Frontera Norte, Comité Binacional de Derechos Humanos, Mesa College, Palomar College, San Diego City College, San Diego State University, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, University of San Diego

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